Friendly Proposals for Highly Controlling Environments

(Initiated: 2015)

These digitally altered photographs are a guide to how surveillance equipment need not be a threatening part of the urban environment by assuming a more playful and eccentric personality.

Through embedded microchips, software and minute antennae, many objects within urban spaces are now ‘smart’ to the goings on of the environment around them: lamp posts can now record noise, are linked to CCTV systems and can illuminate upon hearing ‘disturbances’; rubbish bins are able to track passing smartphones and record movements around a given area. These proposals anticipate the potential for unnecessary suspicion.

The final work has been exhibited at the following venues:

2015, Royal Institute of British Architects (London), ‘Virtual Control: Security and the Urban Imagination’

2015, Noorderlicht Gallery, ‘Data Rush’

Installation photograph of Friendly Proposals being exhibited at Noorderlicht Gallery’s ‘Data Rush’ exhibition, Groningen, Netherlands (2015).