London Knowledge

(Initiated: 2018)

The ‘Knowledge of London’ is the in-depth study of over 300 London street routes and thousands of places of interest. These must be completely memorized by any aspiring driver who wants a license to operate in London’s black taxi cab profession.

This short film features two interviews with London taxi drivers who recount their experience of ‘doing the Knowledge’. Accompanying these interviews are animated Lidar scans of London. Lidar is a laser-based 3D mapping technology used by self-driving cars to see and navigate.

The film journeys through the minds of taxicab drivers, through 3D scans of London streets, and through what might be lost when a centuries old profession adapts to the prospect of automation.

The initial development of the film was supported by the 2018 SPACE ‘Art and Technology’ residency programme and by equipment loans from Prof Mat Disney, UCL Geography and NERC NCEO.

London Knowledge - Trailer

Installation photograph of London Knowledge being screened at the exhibition ‘Visions in the Nunnery’ at the Nunnery Gallery, London (2020).
The film has been screened and exhibited at the following venues:

2020, Visions in the Nunnery, Nunnery Gallery London

2020, DOK Leipzig

2019, Brighton Digital Festival

2018, SPACE Art and Technology Programme Outcome Exhibition in April (2018)