A New Investment Vehicle

(Initiated: 2015)

A New Investment Vehicle is an imaginary 3D virtual tour, which takes viewers around a proposed segregation of the London bus service – for premium and budget customers. It is aimed at international Chinese investors, who it is hoped will be financing this ‘optimized’ and more ‘efficient’ version of the London bus service.

Journeying through the premium echelons of the exclusive top deck to the security conscious, no frills, budget basement underneath, this video functions as a surreal examination of the relationship between urban segregation and the novelty of consumer choice.

Produced using found 3D components, visual and photographic material. Chinese speech and English translations courtesy of various online services.

Presentations and Features

This film was developed for an exhibition on a Transport For London bus in 2015. It has been written about in the following articles and essays:

2015, An Artful Deconstruction of London’s Gentrification Problem’, Vice: The Creator’s Project (written by Andrew Nunes)

2015, ‘Places People Prefer’, POSTMatter (written by Louise Benson)

2015, ‘City Links’, The Guardian (written by Francesca Perry)

POSTMatter (2015)
The Creator’s Project (Vice, 2016)
Installation photographs of the film screened on a Transport For London bus at PAMELA, London (2015).