Le Medina: Notes from the Focus Groups

(Initiated: 2016)

The ‘Le Medi’ housing estate in Bospolder, Rotterdam was originally going to be called ‘Le Medina’. Its final name was chosen because it was ‘Mediterranean linked’ whilst the latter was too obviously Islamic.

This film uses fiction to dramatize the results of actual focus groups that took place to understand the connotations of Le Medina and how it should be rebranded. 3D visualisations of the development were made to accompany the film. These were printed on Duratrans and fitted to LED frames, display techniques often used by estate agents.

The work unravels hidden attitudes to migration from North Africa and the Middle East that lie behind the facade of the architectural development.

Materials: Single channel HD film (7 mins), Duratrans prints, LED frames, wire, steel pins.

This work was commissioned by Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam) and developed through their ‘Rookies MA’ residency. It was exhibited as part of Showroom MAMA’s 2016 programme.
The final work was exhibited in the Showroom MAMA group exhibition BoTu: Back and Forth. Installation photographs are below:

Le Medina: Notes from the Focus Groups (Trailer)