Images of Enjoyment and Spectacle (2015)

This project appropriates ‘photorealistic’ advertising imagery used to market privatized urban public spaces to urban planning audiences and the public. Such scenes often promote these areas as utopian, inclusive social environments.

To encourage a reevaluation of the techniques used to sell these exclusive and highly regulated areas, the buildings and landscape architecture have been removed from the marketing images. The people and the blue sky that remain have then been placed in their original choreography on a computer generated colour gradient, selected from the colours of the original file.

The title references a marketing slogan promoting similar visualisations of one of the most secure and surveilled privatized public spaces in London.

When exhibited, these images have been printed on reverse acrylic perspex and hung alongside coloured wall papers emblazoned with their marketing slogans.


Virtual Control, Royal Institute of British Architects, London, 2015

The Deleted World, 5th Base Gallery, 2015